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Exploring Legal Paper Sizes Across Countries: A Comparative List



Papers are the most common and useful material in the office as well as personal writing, we very frequently use papers for writing letters, applications, or contracts. Depending on the purpose and usage there are certain sizes of paper are used. And legal papers are among them. legal papers are used for all legal matters primarily for court cases. The legal paper size differs from country to country as notified by the government of the respective countries. However, the majority of the Nation uses A4 Size paper which has a dimension of  11.7 x 8.3 inches, In India also it has been observed and directed by the Supreme Court of India that A4 size paper can be used for Legal purposes.

The below table shows the accepted legal paper size of different countries: –   

CountryLegal Paper Size (mm)Legal Paper Size (inches)
United States, Canada216 x 3568.5 x 14
Mexico216 x 3408.5 x 13.4
Colombia, Venezuela216 x 3308.5 x 13
Chile216 x 3438.5 x 13.5
Philippines216 x 3308.5 x 13
Panama216 x 3308.5 x 13
Peru216 x 3568.5 x 14
Ecuador216 x 3308.5 x 13
Bolivia216 x 3438.5 x 13.5
Paraguay216 x 3438.5 x 13.5
Uruguay216 x 3488.5 x 13.7
Argentina216 x 3458.5 x 13.6
Brazil216 x 3308.5 x 13
India215 x 3458.46 x 13.58
Australia216 x 3438.5 x 13.5
New Zealand216 x 3568.5 x 14
United Kingdom216 x 3568.5 x 14
Ireland216 x 3568.5 x 14
South Africa216 x 3568.5 x 14
Malaysia, Singapore216 x 3568.5 x 14
Saudi Arabia, UAE216 x 3308.5 x 13
Hong Kong216 x 3308.5 x 13
Japan216 x 3308.5 x 13
South Korea216 x 3308.5 x 13

*Please note – That this table provides general information about legal paper sizes in different countries. There might be additional regional variations or exceptions within each country. It is advisable to check the specific paper size requirements and standards in a particular jurisdiction or organization.

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